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About Kenora for Kenora, Ontario and Area

When you want to know Kenora, Ontario

Overview of Kenora, Ontario, Canada

Located in Northwestern Ontario, Kenora is a small city that is one of the safest communities in Ontario. Kenora is a two-hour drive east of Winnipeg, Manitoba and three hours north of the Canada/US border.

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History of Kenora, Ontario

Kenora originally settled as a trading and missionary town called Rat Portage, with the first building belonging to the Hudson's Bay Company. The name Rat Portage came from the native name for the area. In 1836 a fur-trading post was established by the Hudson's Bay Company, and the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1880's allowed the town to prosper. Rat Portage transformed into Kenora after amalgamating with neighbouring townships of Keewatin and Norman. Kenora formed from the first two letters of each area: KEewatin, NOrman, and RAt Portage. In 2000 Kenora officially became a city.

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Kenora's Demographics

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Kenora's Climate

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Education in Kenora, Ontario

The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board operates one high school and five elementary schools in Kenora. The Kenora Catholic District School Board operates one high school and 4 elementary schools in the area as well. There is a campus for Confederation College in Kenora.

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Transportation around Kenora, Ontario

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Tourism and Attractions of Kenora

See what the Lake of the Woods has to offer and go on one of their many boat different boat tours. Kenora has a variety of unique churches, many influenced by the Ukrainian culture. Take a church icon tour and then be treated to a traditional Ukrainian meal. With various attractions and tours you'll find something to do for everyone when visiting Kenora.

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Geography of Kenora, Ontario

Kenora is located in Northwestern Ontario, Canada east of the Manitoba border and north of the US border. Kenora is surrounded by the Lake of the Woods and numerous other small lakes.

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Kenora's Government

Kenora is governed by a Mayor and six Councillors. They are elected ct for a three-year term.

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Kenora's Economy and Industry

The three largest sectors of the Kenora economy are forestry, tourism and the mining industry. The population grows in the spring and summer when summer residents move in. The Lake of the Woods and other smaller lakes situated around the area are a major draw for cottagers.

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Kenora's Culture and Significant Events

Harbourfest is one of Kenora's major celebrations. Celebrate the Lake of the Woods and the variety of activities themed around water such as canoe jousting, wood boat show and parade. Each year a headlining band also performs on the Harbourfront.

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Sports in Kenora, Ontario

Kenora is a great place to participate in many recreational activities, such as golfing, skiing Edit this paragraph

Media of Kenora

Kenora major news source is the Kenora Daily Miner and News, it is one of Canada's smallest daily newspapers.

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